1. What was the inspiration for GiveToBenefit?

Co-founders Dan Sossaman and Dave Richman saw an opportunity to merge their passion for philanthropy and technology in late 2010 after seeing more and more people going online to create fund drives, make donations, and build communities around the desire to "do good." Inspired by the success of companies like Crowdrise, StartSomeGood, and Kickstarter, Dan and Dave introduced a new twist: They elevated the importance of the supplier in the equation, challenging the notion that donors and causes should be satisfied with anything less than receiving high-quality goods a preferrred prices. With this approach, GiveToBenefit will succeed based on the idea that there is an opportunity to go beyond "doing good," to "doing better."


2. How does GiveToBenefit plan to make money?

Our income comes from charging the supplier a marketing fee. GiveToBenefit has submitted US Provisional Patent Application No. 13/911546 to patent this novel approach. Unlike other sites we do not charge a fee to the Cause for our service.


3. What is your first success story?

Our first online funding project was completed in July 2012: The Philadelphia Orchard Project used GiveToBenefit to raise $1,000 to buy commercial-grade tools from supplier Shemin Nurseries. Philadelphia Orchard Project then used the tools to work with the students at University High School Urban Garden in West Philadelphia, who then sell the produce from the garden at local farmers markets and donate some to emergency food shelters.




4. How do you find suppliers?

We believe there are a number of manufacturers of wonderful products who don't always have the time or resources to work with cause organizations, so we make that connection for them. These brands are not necessarily leaders in their categories, but they are looking for ways to gain exposure - and incremental sales - for their high-quality offerings. After a cause organization expresses a need for something, we research companies who might be a good match.


5. What is the supplier marketing fee?

The fee we receive from the supplier is based on the available margin of the item they supply. The fee is a negotiated amount that varies from project to project.




6. How do you identify cause organizations to work with?

Any Cause Organization may work with GiveToBenefit. 


7. Do you charge a fee to the cause?

No, we do not charge a fee to the cause. All we ask is that they work hard to make their campaign a success.




8. How does your crowdfunding process work?

We create online campaigns that are designed to encourage individuals to pledge money towards helping a cause purchase goods or services from a supplier. Once the fundraising period is completed, the supplier receives their payment and coordinates delivery to the cause.


9. How will you attract donors to your site?

The topic of social good, by its very nature, evokes strong emotions and spurs passionate people to participate. We are counting on social media and viral marketing to motivate donors not only to give to projects on givetobenefit.com, but also to build awareness for their favorite causes.


10. Do you charge a fee to the donor?

No, we do not charge a fee to the donor.


11. Is there a minimum donation amount?

Yes, the minimum pledge per credit card transaction is $10. Donors may pledge multiple times per project.


12. Is there a maximum pledge amount?

Yes, the maximum pledge per credit card transaction is $500. Donors may pledge multiple times per project.


13. Can a pledge be refunded?

Yes, refunds are available within 10 days after the Project Completion date.


14. What happens if a project doesn't meet its goal?

If a project does not meet it's goal the cause may use whatever amount has been collected to purchase goods or services from the supplier(s) they selected at the start of the campaign.